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The Compass Group Optimistic for Nonprofit
Fundraising in 2011

Washington, DC—May 3, 2011—Philanthropic Journal's recent survey, conducted by Sage North America, revealed optimistic outlooks for nonprofit fundraising in 2011. A focus of the study was U.S. nonprofit organizations and their views and outlooks on fundraising. An impressive jump in numbers from 2010 showed 90% of respondents expect to raise equal or higher amounts in 2011.

Despite representing a relatively small portion of fundraising volume, online donations are also expected to rise this year. The Sage survey revealed over half of respondents received less than 5% of donations online, with almost a quarter receiving none via this method. Through adding website capability and making greater efforts to promote online donation, nearly half the organizations expect online donations to increase in 2011.

Our Fundraising Consultant Perspective

This country was founded on the principles of philanthropy and volunteerism. These values are ingrained in our culture and help to make us the most generous nation on earth. As the economy continues to recover, philanthropy will increase along with it. People tend to increase their gifts to nonprofits when they feel more financially secure.

"The nonprofit sector in this country creates a quality of life that is unrivaled in the world," states Frank Pisch, Chairman and CEO of The Compass Group. "Our educational opportunities, health care system, cultural institutions, human services, environmental conservation and religious freedom exist due to the philanthropic efforts of each of us."

New methods of fundraising continue to be developed and online donations continue to increase over time, as organizations find a solicitation style that works for them as well as their tech-savvy donors. Success in fundraising will continue to hinge on an urgent, compelling and worthy case for support:

  • -- Success in fundraising will continue to hinge on an urgent, compelling and worthy Case for Support,
  • -- A willing and cultivated donor base,
  • -- The availability of influential leadership that can articulate your vision and set a philanthropic example for others; and
  • -- Your ability as an organization to identify, foster, solicit and steward philanthropic gifts.

About The Compass Group

The Compass Group (, headquartered in Washington, DC, provides fundraising consulting strategy, education and coaching to organizations that must be successful in fundraising. In a working partnership with your staff, volunteers and board, Compass collaborates with you to enhance and develop the philanthropic culture of your nonprofit organization in order to achieve fundraising success. Our specialty areas include arts & culture, environmental, health care, higher education, human services and independent schools.